OpenBSD 2014 в цифрах (англ.)

«If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it» — Peter Drucker

tedu@ wrote a post with selection of random numbers regarding source changes in 2014.

As opposed to his post I have reviewed changes in OpenBSD projects and created my own list of numbers related to quality.

OpenBSD project is still exist without bug tracker, so it is hard to analyze bug statistic. According to archive of mail list there was slightly bigger traffic in 2014 than in previous years:

2014 - 1243
2013 - 980
2012 - 1162
schwarze	1316
bluhm		448
miod		192
jsing		170
djm			151
jca			3
krw			3
kettenis	1
logan		1
naddy		1
commits				2925
lines added			9062
lines deleted		4697

P.S. I like to calculate FIXME words in the code. The statistics for OpenBSD src tree is following: Total FIXMEs - 4191, where 3969 FIXMEs belongs to GNU software (gcc, gdb, cvs, binutils, perl, texinfo, mkhybrid).


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