Что не хватает в OpenBSD?

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Для OpenBSD портировано множество программ, но есть ряд полезных для меня программ, для которых пока нет портов. Здесь будет мой личный вишлист портов для таких программ. При появлении официального порта я её вычеркиваю из списка. Если для программы есть неофициальный порт, то это отмечено в списке. Репозитории неофициальных OpenBSD портов на Гитхабе - https://github.com/topics/openbsd-wip.

Last update: 18.08.2021

  • pubs - your bibliography on the command line
  • webhook
  • WebDAV/http.upload
  • ssh-agent-card-prompt is a prompt for ssh-agent(1) when your Yubikey needs poking.
  • netdata is a real-time performance monitoring. WIP
  • photoprism/50mm/Colorimetry/Piwigo
  • datasette - an open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data.
  • dogsheep-photos - upload your photos to S3 and import metadata about them into a SQLite database.
  • s3-image-proxy - a tiny proxy for serving and resizing images fetched from a private S3 bucket.
  • obs-studio - software for live-streaming and screen recording, WIP
  • bitwarden: bitwarden-go/bitwarden_rs is a Bitwarden-compatible server.
  • openzwave - is an open source Z-Wave library. (WIP)
  • Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. (WIP)
  • load81 - SDL based Lua programming environment for kids similar to Codea.
  • qrcp - transfer files over Wi-Fi from your computer to a mobile device by scanning a QR code without leaving the
  • TLA+ - is an explicit state model checker for specifications written in TLA+. TLA+ Toolbox, tla-cli, tla-bin, jupyter-tla
  • lite - a lightweight text editor written in Lua.
  • plantuml (WIP)
  • semgrep
  • Alloy - is an open source language and analyzer for software modeling.
  • rdview - replacement for lynx and w3m.
  • dir2opds
  • Bookshelf - Ebook management system on S3 compatible storage which provides OPDS feed.
  • dbacl - dbacl is a general purpose digramic Bayesian text classifier. It can learn text documents you provide, and then compare new input with the learned categories. It can be used for spam filtering, or within your own shell scripts.

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