Support OpenBSD's pledge(2), unveil(2) in programming languages

Read more about privelege separation and pledge in Wikipedia and in talk “Privilege Separation and Pledge” by Theo de Raadt, dotSecurity 2016.

NOTE: In case your favourite language has pledge(2) or unveil(2) support and absent in a table, please drop me a line and I’ll add it to a table.

Language Support of unveil(2) Support of pledge(2) Support of privelege separation
Ada Yes Yes -
C/C++ unveil(2) pledge(2) -
Crystal No chris-huxtable/ -
Erlang Yes Yes
Go native support, ~qbit/protect native support, ~qbit/protect poolpOrg/privsep
Haskell varikvalefor/plegg varikvalefor/plegg, oherrala/hs-pledge -
Korn Shell netzbasis/openbsd-src netzbasis/openbsd-src -
Lua n0la/lua-openbsd n0la/lua-openbsd -
Nim euantorano/pledge.nim (v2.0.0+) euantorano/pledge.nim -
.NET (C#, F# and VB) No NattyNarwhal/pledge.cs -
Perl OpenBSD::Unveil, afresh1/OpenBSD-Unveil OpenBSD::Pledge, afresh1/OpenBSD-Pledge, rfarr/Unix-Pledge -
PHP tvlooy/php-pledge (included in PHP 7.4) tvlooy/php-pledge (included in PHP 7.4) -
Python py-openbsd jarmani/py-openbsd-pledge, py-pledge -
Rust unveil pledge reyk/privsep-rs
Ruby jcs/ruby-unveil jeremyevans/ruby-pledge -
Scheme No Yes -
Javascript openbsd-unveil node-pledge, openbsd-pledge -
Java No Hashwords/pledge -
Zig native support native support -

BTW there are ports of pledge(2) and unveil(2) on Linux and SerenityOS.

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