Open Voices, Issue 9: How to get started with open source.

An open source project cannot succeed without a powerful community that supports its development. At the same time, Eric Raymond said in The Cathedral and the Bazaar that a necessary pre-condition for success in an open source project is having something runnable and testable to play with.

Communities are groups of individuals sharing common interests. FINkers United is not different, all members having the same goal to improve the processing of financial transactions based on open source applications, pushing the interoperability level in order to achieve a new semantic standardization for financial transactions.

Material — custom professional services can be offered to adopters who lack certain skills or need SLAs Intellectual —there’s great opportunity to develop the professional profile by taking on the technical challenges open source projects have to offer Recognition —open source communities reward each of their members based on the value of their contributions Competitive —the opportunity to work for state of the art technological projects, with high impact on several industries.

Here are a few more examples of popular open source civic hacking projects: OneBusAway (on GitHub) City budget visualizations (on GitHub) 311 Service Tracker (on GitHub) Flu Shot Finder (on GitHub) StreetMix (on GitHub) CityVoice (on GitHub)

The open source movement, built on the ‘marketplace of ideas’ and the scalability of collaboration, is swallowing the proprietary world. To understand where the entire tech world is going, I believe we need to keep a close eye on these five open source trends:

Introduction to OpenStack with Sandy Walsh from Rackspace This is a 30 minute video that is one the best videos I’ve come across that can help introduce OpenStack to someone completely new to the project. The talk is not too technical and gives a broad overview of the project and the architecture. Walsh talks about what OpenStack is, what it is not, how the project got started, some of the core projects, and he outlines the architecture and scalability of OpenStack.

Here I shared 10 ways to get involved in an open source project without writing any code.

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