Last Change
Integration of AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) with Lua programming language. Superseded by
12 months ago
Unix ASCII games
3 weeks ago
command-line frontend to transactional consistency checkers for black-box databases
5 weeks ago
Set of fuzzing tests intended for testing standard C library
7 weeks ago
is a clock using time quotes from literature
2 months ago
Lua C API tests
2 weeks ago
Lua 5.1 C API manual pages
2 months ago
A coverage-guided, native Lua fuzzing engine.
6 weeks ago
Molly tests are tests based on Molly library.
16 months ago
Framework for distributed system's verification, with fault injection.
9 months ago
semgrep rules for flakiness, missed error handling and antipatterns.
2 months ago
My experiments and snippets
2 weeks ago
Formal specifications
7 weeks ago
My own notes (drafts mostly) about software quality
5 months ago
Основы программной инженерии (SWEBOK 2004 на русском) в EPUB и HTML
5 weeks ago
Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Version 3 (SWEBOK)
17 months ago
Fuzzing Tarantool Lua API
7 months ago
is a tool to import test results into SQLite database
19 months ago
A FUSE-based fault injection filesystem.
9 months ago
Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
7 years ago